Automatic image resizing

Genesis has the ability to automatically reduce the size of large image files uploaded by users. This feature is intended to help inexperienced users who upload images which are far too large for use in normal web pages.

To enable this feature:

  • Make sure you have Genesis version or newer.

  • Make sure that ImageMagick is installed on your web server. The ImageMagick "mogrify" tool is used to resize images.

    You will need to know the full path to the mogrify tool. On Unix, it is typically "/usr/local/bin/morify". On Windows it will be at a location like "c:\Program Files\ImageMagick-6.2.3-Q8\mogrify.exe".

  • From your web browser, login to Genesis with the webmaster account. Navigate to Admin Page => Manage System Settings.

  • Scroll down to the section labeled "Miscellaneous". At the bottom of this section are three settings related to image resizing: "Image Resizing", "Mogrify Path", and "Max Pixels".

  • Check the checkbox next to "Image Resizing".

  • For "Mogrify Path", select the full path to the "mogrify" tool. If your path is not listed, you will need to edit file "/genesis/", find the @mogrify array, and add your full path to mogrify to that array of known locations. Then return to the system settings page, reload it, and you will be able to select the path to your mogrify tool.

  • For "Max Pixels", enter the maximum pixel dimension for images. The default 600 should work for most people.

  • Create a file on your local computer named "fdsc_resize_test.jpg". Upload the file. Because of the filename, extra status information will be printed to the screen. Use this status information to debug problems.

In many cases, it will not be appropriate to resize images. Images will not be resized if:

  • the "Image Resizing" checkbox is not checked under system settings

  • a valid mogrify tool is not selected under "Mogrify Path"

  • the image does not have a "gif" or "jpg" extension

  • both the height and width of the image are both equal or less than the "Max Pixels" setting

  • a form element named "no_image_resize" is present. You may add this form element to templates to prevent resizing on all file uploads within the template

  • the image filename contains "no_resize" (i.e., "xxyy_no_resize.jpg")

  • the ratio of longest dimension to smallest dimension exceeds 8:1 (this allows certain long thin images, such as background stripes)