Case Studies
MyGenesis! CMS can be integrated with other server side programming languages such as PHP/Mysql, to combine a wide variety of member services. AuctionBug needed a live auction program similar to Ebay plus an advanced Auctioneer and live auction search. We integrated PHPauction and custom flatfile database cgi scripts with MyGenesis! to allow auctioneers to register and manage their listings and auction items. MyGenesis gives this client the ability to edit and manage site content, users, and auctions all from one secure admin area.
The problem with online Sitebuilders is they can generate some really ugly, generic websites, not to mention they cut out the webmaster's business. We realized many consumers would rather pay a bit extra for a custom website built by a proffessional which they can then update themselves. utilizing the MyGenesis! CMS Webmaster edition targets both retail customers and webmasters. The MyGenesis webmaster edition allows multiple webmasters to manage multiple website projects and Admin can manage all webmasters and users. Webmasters can use their own html or use the advanced CSS design and menu wizards to generate totally custom websites. Clients have access to edit sections of their websites which the webmaster has given permissions.
We customized MyGenesis! to allow this client to offer lawyers an affordable means to register to add their listing to the custom lawyer search we developed and to build a complete lawyer website in just 3 easy steps. MyGenesis gives this client the ability to easily edit and maintain content for 51 websites, and manage users and listings via one secure admin login.
This client needed 5 sitebuilders for various social occassions. They wanted something that allowed users to sign up automatically for a free trial and have the option to purchase the site before the trial expired. Users needed to be able to easily build a small occasional website with a guestbook and photo album. We developed and integrated a database cgi with MyGenesis! CMS and developed 5 seperate template sets with occasional designs and a logo creator to allow users to choose from a variety of designs, colors and fonts to personalize their occasional websites.
Desari Capital LLC, a new asset management company backed by Guggenheim Partners, LLC needed the ability to easily edit and maintain their custom website. They chose MyGenesis! CMS to meet their needs.
This Chicago based financial investment corporation needed a secure content management solution which allowed them to have varying levels of administrators and users. With one main administrator accessing all data and users and sub administrators accessing various parts of the site as permitted by the head administrator. This system includes a member mailing list, group organizer and instant messaging allowing administrators to communicate efficiently. We developed an advanced database cgi system which securely stores and posts various types of reports in several formats integrated with MyGenesis! CMS and other interactive scripts. The entire site is editable by administrators. m
We DO use our own products. In fact this entire website was built with MyGenesis! (webmaster edition) in under 2 weeks!

Most of Surf's Global's corporate and many of our clients' websites utilize MyGenesis!. Because we have so many websites to develop and maintain MyGenesis! makes our job a snap, freeing up our time so we can make our products and services even better.

Additionally our secure member's area which gives our licensee's secure access to our installer, templates, downloads and training was developed with MyGenesis! CMS.

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