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 NewBaby CMS

In just 3 easy steps your users can create a beautiful full featured baby web site announcing the arrival of Baby, Twins or even Triplets. No html, programming or ftp skills needed for your end users. Includes several designs, more than 23 feature rich web pages, 4 baby games, secure guestbook, rsvp and contact forms, multi user password manager, file manager, image manager, and lets you manage and delegate authoring privileges to unlimited user accounts. Admin can set permissions to allow users to sign up automatically or request approval.
User interface seamlessly integrates with your html, simply modify one html file.


Includes several powerful and secure system modules allowing users to manage all aspects of their account including;

Password Protect - The Password protect tool allows users to password protect folders and manage unlimited usernames and passwords to the passworded folders.

Image Manager - Comes with an image manager allowing users the ability to view all images within their folder(s). Integrated image optimization feature works with Imagemagick to optimize images uploaded by users.

Template Editor - Offers fully scalable solutions which can be easily implemented. Provide interactive functionality for your users from creating complete websites to securely carrying sensitive data and integration with other server side programming.

  • 23 feature rich web page templates,
  • 4 baby game templates,
  • secure guestbook,
  • rsvp and contact form templates,
    you can use out of the box or if you are proficient with HTML and can edit in notepad or a plain text editor use our templates as a model to easily develop your own customized templates to expand the software capability.

User Manager - (Available to Multi User licenses ONLY) Provides a secure, automated and permission-based user management solution. Allow users to sign up automatically or request approval. Manage all users from one secure and convenient admin interface.

File Manager - The software supports unlimited nested subdirectories allowing users to create, delete, rename, and switch directories as they work. Comes with a WYSIWYG editor so users can create and edit files with just the click of their mouse.

File Uploader - No need for ftp tools, comes complete with a multiple file uploader allowing users the ability to upload up to 100 files at a time.

System Settings Manager - Admin can control the system-wide settings for the software. Includes security settings.

Event Log - Lets admin review a log of server activity.

IP Address Restriction Manager - Gives admin control of who is allowed to access the system. These are advanced, optional restrictions that you can use to enhance security. IP Address Restrictions allow you to do one of the following: deny access to this script based on IP address. This allows you to block access from certain users who are causing problems, while granting access to everyone else or, you may grant access to this script based on IP address. This allows you to enhance security by blocking all traffic except that which originates from a few trusted addresses Note that access to this script always requires a valid username and password. IP Address Restrictions are additional restrictions placed on the visitor, above and beyond the username and password.

Core Software is Available in many languages with Language translation tool for developers
NOTE: Templates are available in English only. You can translate templates via notepad or a plain text editor.

License Types

Multi User - $249.95 - Grants a lifetime license for a single instance of the software on a single domain/server with unlimited users and domains on the same server accessing the software. Admin has control of all users and domains, files and folders from one secure interface.

Private Label One time $249 private label fee allows you to remove or replace the publicly viewable software name and version number on 1 instance of the software.


  • One Time License fee - You pay a one time license fee for a lifetime license, no annual or monthly fees.
  • Software executes 100% locally on your own server.
  • Source Code - Modular and commented software source code gives developers the ability to customize the core software to their specifications.
  • Can be called as an API from another Perl script.
  • Template Based - control the entire look-and-feel of the software by editing text/html template files. No need to edit the source code... although you do have access and permission to edit the source.
  • Create User input templates to your own specifications using ours as a model to build from. Your existing template customizations are preserved when upgrading or re-installing the software

System Requirements

  • PHP 4 or above
  • php server side includes allowed on your server.
  • web server software must support Perl CGI scripts
  • Your administrators must allow custom CGI scripts
  • Your version of Perl must support the crypt function
  • On your system, all CGI scripts must have permissions to read and write files in your web root. Or, you must be able to set writable permissions on files in your web root.
  • To use the image optimization function you need Imagemagick installed on your server.
  • In order to use the auto installer your web server must support FTP. If your web server does NOT support ftp you will need to download the software and follow the manual install instructions provided.


Setup is easy!

We provide all licensees 24/7 free use of our auto installer which will automatically install the system to your server

and full documentation for downloading and manually installing the software. If you have difficulty getting the software installed we will provide free installation on most servers.


You'll receive 30 days FREE email support from the developer herself. Karen answers all support emails quickly and efficiently. We also offer a comprehensive, search-able help archive and source documentation. If you require extended support you may purchase 1 year of unlimited email support for $399.

Money Back Guarantee -
If you are unable to download or install MyGenesis! CMS for any reason within the first 30 days we will promptly refund your money

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