Version History

Version History

Version numbers are of the format x.y.z.wwww. "x" is the major version; "y" is the minor version; "z" is the sub-minor version; "wwww" is the build number. The build number is increased by 1 with each release, independent of the other fields; the major and minor versions are incremented when there is a major architectual redesign.

v.3.1.0037 - 2005-08-01 beta

  • Integrated W3C valid css/html generator template module into the core software. This is a seperate version from v.3.0.0036

v.3.0.0036 - 2007-01-01 stable

  • Added Single User License

v.3.0.0035 - 2005-08-01 stable

  • Added HTMLarea WYSIWYG authoring to HTML Editor.

  • Added 2 new WYSIWYG editor page templates

  • Added "Remember Password" feature (contributed by Shiva77 at forums)

  • Updated strings.txt from HTML Editor to File Manager

  • Removed "Build Website" button in Template editor, templates now hold the submit button allowing use of templates for other functions.

v2.1.0.0034 - 2005-07-11 - stable

  • Updated Norwegian translation.

  • Users are required to immediately change password after signing in with default password "658uwantit".

  • Fixed bug in which "Delete" action would fail if the account "Base Folder" used a relative path, like "../htdocs".

  • Fixed bug in which blank lines at the very top of textareas would be lost (in IE and Firefox), at a rate of one leading blank line lost each time the textarea was saved. Unfortunately, this fix causes a blank line to now be inserted at the top of every textarea when saved in Opera. This unwanted side-effect is due to a bug in Opera (see bug).

  • Added support for automatic image resizing via ImageMagick (help topic)

  • Added the following variables for use in template.html, which handles layout of the script interface itself: Author:UserURL:parsed, web_path, web_path_no_slash.

  • The controls for "Create File", "Create Folder", "Upload File" now appear above the list of all files, rather than below it.

  • The "Edit File" interface now has a button for saving and continuing to edit the file. Previously the only option was to save and return to the list of files.

  • When saving a template, name-value pairs in the "shared_*" namespace are always available for use as variables, whether they are included in the UserInput section or not.

v2.1.0.0033 - 2003-11-04 - stable

  • Updated Russian translation to 91%.

  • Consolidated the two Portuguese-Brazilian translations into a single translation (option "pt_br2" removed).

  • Fixed bug in SMTP code which prevented interoperability with the Argosoft email server.

v2.1.0.0032 - 2003-10-11 - stable

  • Fixed bug in "Current Folder" drop-down select box. When more than two levels of subdirectories separated the current working directory from the root folder, the parent paths would not be displayed properly. Thanks to M. ­er Gli for pointing out this bug.

  • Removed main "Help" links from interface for everyone except non-webmaster users, to reflect the fact that the current help file is targetted exclusively at webmasters. Also removed help link "Genesis User's Guide" from the header tips.

  • Removed tip linking to "My Account" page for users without the "My Account" privilege.

  • All remaining help links now consistently use "target=_blank".

  • Fixed bug in which removing the 'null' extension from the "Known Types" system setting would prevent logins.

  • Added a weekly process which clears out all temp files in the /genesis/script_data/temp/ folder which are over 24 hours old. The process runs no more than once a week, and is triggered when the webmaster goes to the Manage System Settings page. This corrects for a problem in which the temp folder would accumulate many large orphaned files as a result of timed-out file uploads.

  • Updated German translation.

v2.1.0.0031 - 2003-07-26 - stable

  • Updated Chinese and French translations. Added new Magyar / Hungarian translation.

  • For directories containing many items, the "List Files" interface will display the items on multiple pages, with 100 items per page. The number of items to display on each page can be configured on a per-user basis within the My Account interface.

v2.1.0.0030 - 2003-07-10 - stable

  • Added new checks to the Template Editor => Analyze actions

  • Added "use case insensitive sort" as user-level option to control sorting of filenames in the display. Default is off, for case sensitive sorting, to match earlier behavior.

  • Added "Help Files URL" as a web-based system setting. Previously admins had to modify it in the source code. (Thanks to Russell Cowan for this update) (help topic)

  • Updated French (99%), German (96%), Italian (99%), Portuguese (85%), Russian (83%), and Spanish (100%) translations. Added new Afrikaans (14%) and Catal 100%) translations.

  • Fixed several bugs involving UNC paths on Windows servers (\\server\share\path)

  • Fixed bug in which the Rename|Delete|Copy links would appear next to images on the Review Images interface, even if the user did not have the corresponding Rename|Delete|Copy privileges.

v2.1.0.0029 - 2003-03-08 - stable

  • Updated Dutch, French, German, Portuguese BR, and Spanish translations.

  • Added "Status" column to the Manage Users page. Status is either "reserved" for the accounts you cannot delete (webmaster and _default) or "normal" for normal users or "disabled" for accounts that are temporarily disabled or which have expired. This text column conveys the same information previously conveyed by the user icons.

  • Removed action "Reset Password" from the Manage Users list. That functionality is still available via the "Edit Profile" link.

  • When first installing the product, the "webmaster" account will no longer have a default disk quota. Non-webmaster accounts will continue to have a 10 MB disk quota by default.

  • The "Current Folder" form at the top of every page will now be in read-only mode when there are no other folders to which the user can navigate.

  • Added "IP Address Restrictions" feature (help topic)

  • Standardized and documented the handling of date and time display; added limited options for customizing time zone on a user-by-user basis (help topic)

  • The "language" property can now be specified during automatic new user sign-up.

  • Extended the set of file extensions allowed by default (only affects new installations, not upgrades).

v2.1.0.0028 - 2003-01-18 - stable

  • Fixed bug whereby Genesis:Fragment tags which contained other Genesis:Fragment variables would sometimes not parse properly.

  • Added new "Analyze" action for webmaster account when viewing templates. Allows for basic auditing of the file format of Genesis templates. This will make it easier to find bugs.

  • Added new system variables for use in Genesis templates (help topic)

  • Updated Dutch translation.

  • Added support for Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image files.

  • All strings now refer to "folder" instead of "directory". Previously both terms were used interchangeably.

  • Improved wording of several features. Extracted more text from code files into strings.txt. Added several new help files.

v2.1.0.0027 - 2002-12-10 - stable

  • Updated German, Spanish translations.

  • Fixed bug in which extra trailing slash was present on the "Review Images" links.

  • Added "Password-Protect Folder" feature (help topic)

  • Added "CSV Output" feature which will export the user database to a CSV file.

v2.1.0.0026 - 2002-10-20 - stable

  • Trond Stenvik has contributed an updated Norwegian translation. The Norwegian translation is now 88% complete.

  • Fixed bug from 0025 which appeared only on certain platforms. Involved error on line 1417 of which prevented the My Account page from appearing.

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