Developer Overview

Developers, if you're looking for an affordable content management software you can "hack" to develop your masterpiece, MyGenesis! is what you've been looking for!

If you are proficient in html, css, php and cgi you can do amazing things with MyGenesis!   All code is open and fully commented with instructions, giving programmers an affordable base for developing advanced applications from community portals to intranet multi user work stations, student /teacher work areas,  corporate site managers, airline reservation managers and so much more.

The software is one of the very first CMS systems ever written and has been used by thousands of developers world wide since 1997.   MyGenesis boasts the most secure and versatile cgi programming you will find anywhere in the world.

The developers of MyGenesis! software have spent more than 12 years writing and maintaining this software, ensuring the software is above all secure, user friendly and easy to customize and install.

MyGenesis does not require an SQL database, it runs on small effecient, secured flat files, this prevents SQL injection attacks and server CPU strain.


So you're NOT an experienced programmer but you are a webmaster proficient with html and css you can use the fully commented templates that come with MyGenesis to develop your own user templates, from generating simple html webpages to advanced flash sites, and seamlessly integrate any html into the user interface just by editing 1 html file.

Search our comprehensive help archive for detailed instructions and examples.

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